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Tubular rack system

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Our company deals with the design and construction of inter-production and warehouse racking systems, with more than 10 years of experience in Hungary. The innovative tools we offer make work easier and save space, manpower, time and money. In addition to warehouse racking systems, we help with customized products at every stage of production, we make material containers, product storage shelves, work tables and benches, production cell lines, display counters, panel and tool storage racks, packaging and assembly stations, machine stands, rolling tables, roller material feeders and storage, roller track, production line, advertising board, storage container, connectable cars, roll holder. We also distribute additional products, such as kanban boards, isopropyl alcohol, isopropanol, gitterbox, ESD gloves.


The original meaning of the word lean is “slender”. The Lean philosophy is a company organization method whose goal is to produce its products and services in the most economical way possible. What is not of value to the customer is considered a loss, a waste.
The basic principles of Lean: – respect for people By this we mean not only respect for the customer, but also respect for the company’s employees. The lean organization takes into account the opinions and ideas of the employees, involves them in the continuous improvement of the company’s operations, and encourages them to develop their own abilities. – continuous reduction of loss and unnecessary activities, striving to produce the perfect value Value is what the customer is willing to pay for, which is closest to the customer’s expectations and needs. The basic goal of a lean organization is to eliminate processes and losses that do not create value from the activity.


Kaizen is a two-character Japanese word that means change for the better. It covers a low-cost productivity development technique and a way of thinking, the purpose of which is to improve an activity step by step and increase the efficiency of processes. For this, it uses the participation, experience and knowledge of the people involved. Kaizen is actually a tool of Lean operation, a method for developing the production system.


The use of tubular inter-production and logistics rack systems can be well integrated into the operation of the Lean-Kaizen concept. By connecting the lean pipe and the corresponding connector set, a long list of application ideas can be implemented in a short time. We can even make stocking systems, material handling carts, rolling tables, roller locations, assembly work tables, packaging benches or other variations of Kaizen models. Assembling the tube frame system does not require expertise, the tool requirements are also minimal, as a pipe cutter and an Allen key are enough. Since it is a modular system, the pipes and elements can be used several times after disassembling the old, no longer needed model, and another application can be built from them in accordance with the new requirements.


Today’s economic environment especially requires us to look for new cost-effective solutions, quickly adapt to market changes, and optimize production and other processes.

The idea of flexible manufacturing comes from Japan. Already in the 1960s and 1970s, the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota collected a series of successful production models that provide the elements of Lean Manufacturing (lean manufacturing) and Kaizen (continuous improvement, improvement). This approach places great emphasis on cost efficiency, minimizing production losses and stocks, eliminating unnecessary operations and waiting, continuous flow, effective problem solving, flexibility, and the involvement of employees involved in the processes. One of the means of implementing the Lean Manufacturing concept is the tubular frame inter-production and warehouse racking system. We only combine connecting elements and pipes with a few accessories, yet great innovative concepts and ideas are born that make work easier and faster.

Since Lean Manufacturing started in the Japanese Toyota factories, its production application was initially significant in the automotive industry, among car manufacturers and their supplier companies. Today, however, other players in the economic sphere are also beginning to recognize the benefits of the system and are using it widely. It is not only an inter-production system, it is used in warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, printing houses, administration and logistics areas, so in addition to the production sector, it is also used in the commercial and service sectors.


The tubular frame system is based on a tube with an outer diameter of 28 mm, available in 4-meter lengths. The pipes are made with different wall thicknesses, we also have pipes with a wall thickness of 0.7 mm, 1 mm, and 2 mm. It is available in a shiny stainless steel version without ABS coating and in different colors (blue, white, gray, ivory beige). If you want to use the tube frame system in an ESD protected environment, we recommend our shiny stainless tube without ABS coating or our black ABS coated ESD tube. The pipe can be cut to size with a band saw or a pipe cutter, this gives the frame of the desired model.

The system includes a set of connecting clamps, the pipe structure can be assembled into a finished product by varying these. All you need is a #6 allen key. The metal clamps are available in black and nickel, only the nickel version is suitable for ESD protected areas.

The roller rows can also be cut to the desired size from 4-meter fibers. We sell 40 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm wide roller rows, with and without rim, with white rollers or black ESD protected version. The roller rows are fixed to the pipe frame by simply placing the adjustable roller row support elements designed for this purpose, no special tools or technical equipment are required.

To achieve the final result, you can also find a wide selection of other accessories for the tubular frame system: wheels, bases, pipe connectors, shelf fixing and tabletop support elements, label holders, pipe end caps, plastic accessories.

Various and changeable combinations can be realized from the above modular elements, and flexible and innovative solutions can be further developed according to the experience of the employees involved – they are used either in the warehouse or in the production area.


If there is a new storage or production task waiting to be solved at your company, please let us know. Our experts design their idea in 3D, which they perfect until it meets your expectations. The assembly will be carried out at our site or at your location within a short period of time after acceptance of the finalized drawing.

If you already know exactly what kind of tube frame module you want, have designed it and will assemble it yourself, send us the parts list via one of our contacts, and we will give you a price quote for your material requirements in a short time.

After ordering, the elements of the tubular frame system can be picked up immediately in our large warehouse, but we also undertake delivery throughout the country.


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