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Kanban board

Card kanban board with sliding marker arrow.

The Kanban board is a visual tool and method in project management and task management that helps you track and organize work processes more efficiently. The Kanban system was originally developed in Toyota factories to optimize production processes, but later spread to many other fields, such as IT, software engineering, and general project management.

A Kanban board is usually displayed on a wall or a digital platform and consists of columns that represent different phases or statuses in the work process. Columns can include cards or labels that include specific tasks or projects. Columns can typically be:

Condition: The initial phase of new tasks or projects.
In Progress: Tasks or projects that are currently in progress.
Done or In Progress: Tasks or projects that have already been completed.
Review or Testing: The inspection or testing phase of completed work before it finally enters the finished state.

Team members can review the board and easily see which tasks are in progress, which are in progress, and which have already been completed. The purpose of the Kanban system is to increase the visibility and transparency of the work process, as well as to promote more efficient decision-making and task management.