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The advantages of the tubular scaffolding system

The goal of efficiency is to achieve a given result with as little investment as possible or to achieve as much result as possible with a given investment. The tubular elements can be varied, they can even be disassembled and reassembled several times.

The FIFO rule determines the order of production, i.e. the material, component or product that arrived first must leave the warehouse first. We take this rule into account when designing the refill racks. We designate a loading and unloading side, and the physical flow of materials is facilitated by the design of sloping roller rows.

JIT means that we move and produce the required product in the required quantity and at the required time, its purpose is to reduce the production lead time. With the help of our products, kanban can also be implemented as a JIT tool.

Tubular stand, trolley, table or complete production cell, either with rolling or fixed legs, with shelves or with rollers, in ESD protected or standard design, can be selected in individual sizes.

The assembly of the lean tube frame system does not require expertise, after some practice, a wide variety of applications can be realized.
Kaizen ideas can be implemented immediately and can be varied as needed.

If the workflow requires a different application due to changes in customer needs, the rack system can be disassembled and built into other modules.

The pipes and roller rows can be cut to any size, so it is sufficient to assemble the devices of the optimal size, design and load capacity from the system.

The production environment can be changed according to changes in customer needs with the help of the tubular logistics and inter-production system.

One of the basic principles of lean production is respect for people, it is important that those who perform the work work in a healthy working environment from an ergonomic point of view. When designing our tubular scaffolding, the height, physical characteristics and comfort of the workers must also be taken into account.

According to the principle of Kaizen, every problem is also an opportunity for continuous development and improvement, and the solution of the situation requires commitment and participation from all members of the organization. In all cases, the design and implementation of pipe frame systems is done with the involvement of the workers involved in the given area.

Lean production is a philosophy that prioritizes the satisfaction of customer needs. A lean company understands what value the customer expects, and then develops its activities primarily based on that. Its goal is for the company to produce the product as economically as possible. In a dynamically changing production environment, the use of lean pipes is commonplace.


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