Electronic Market Kft.

Design and construction of scaffolding systems

If there is a new storage or production task waiting to be solved at your company, please let us know. Our experts design their idea in 3D, which they perfect until it meets your expectations. The assembly will be carried out at our site or at your location within a short period of time after acceptance of the finalized drawing.

About us

Our company deals with the design and construction of inter-production and warehouse racking systems, with more than 10 years of experience in Hungary. The innovative tools we offer make work easier and save space, manpower, time and money. In addition to warehouse racking systems, we help with customized products at every stage of production, we make material containers, product storage shelves, work tables and benches, production cell lines, display counters, panel and tool storage racks, packaging and assembly stations, machine stands, rolling tables, roller material feeders and storage, roller track, production line, advertising board, storage container, connectable cars, roll holder. We also distribute additional products, such as kanban boards, isopropyl alcohol, isopropanol, gitterbox, ESD gloves.



Its design and assembly is quick and easy

The assembly of the lean tube frame system does not require expertise, after some practice, a wide variety of applications can be realized.
Kaizen ideas can be implemented immediately and can be varied as needed.

Wide range of uses, variability as needed

Tubular stand, trolley, table or complete production cell, either with rolling or fixed legs, with shelves or with rollers, in ESD protected or standard design, can be selected in individual sizes.

Flexible production, flexible storage according to individual needs

The production environment can be changed according to changes in customer needs with the help of the tubular logistics and inter-production system.

Continuous cost- and space-saving development options

The pipes and roller rows can be cut to any size, so it is sufficient to assemble the devices of the optimal size, design and load capacity from the system.