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Connectable car

Connectable car

Connectable car Manually operated tube frame material transport carts that can be connected to each other with a tow hook. It can be used either for warehouse or inter-production service, with different load capacities and shelf allocations.

Rolling stand

Rolling stand gurulo allvany

Rolling stand Movable on wheels tubular frame inter-production or warehouse rack with roller row or shelf design. They are prepared for the storage of materials or goods, for serving workplaces, and for various logistics applications according to the needs of the customers.

Kanban board

Kanban board Kanban tábla

Kanban board Card kanban board with sliding marker arrow. The Kanban board is a visual tool and method in project management and task management that helps you track and organize work processes more efficiently. The Kanban system was originally developed in Toyota factories to optimize production processes, but later spread to many other fields, such […]